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My 10 Best tools in System Administration 

1.VNC :

VNC is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFB protocol to remotely control another computer.It work on local network as well as on internet .Only thing you need to have a IP address weather it may be public or private. I have been using this free product from past 4 years for providing technical support for my remote user.

VNC work well on Linux as well as on Windows Plateforem.Free edition is sufficient for my requirements (Like remote control,remote presentation,copy text between remote and host system).However enterprise (Paid) version is capable to provide chat/file transfer etc.
I have used Real VNC for windows sytem and Tiger VNC for my linux boxes.
VNC may be obtained from

2.Team Viwer/Ammy admin : Team viwer and ammy admin are other two user friendly tools that may be used to provide remote support.
Team viewer and Ammy admin are other two popular remote support tools. Team viewer is more popular but I like Ammy admin as it give me more functionality.

3.Angry IP Scanner:
I use this tool to scan my network nodes ip and hostname.It help me very much in an undocumented network where there is no record of ip address mapped to host name.
This is my most trusted tool to scan network devices


Webmin is powerfull  tools for all the system admin who are new to linux and don’t want to take risk on linux command shell as webmin provide the graphical interface from any webbrowser and smartely modify configuration file of *nix system in a graphical manner.

Putty is very usefull for me to connect to any remote linux host/router/switch to ssh/telnet or rlogin shell.

6.Revo Uninstaller:
Revo uninstaller help me to remove a software complete from a system without leaving any evidence of software in system.It is also great to remove windows junk files and and other performace tuning .

7.Oracle Virtual Box:
This the best virtualization software I have used (If  I don’t consider purely productional purpose software like vmware).It allow me to test any new os whether it may be linux or windows on a virtual environment regardless of its hardware.It is easy to setup and user friendly.It is also very memory efficennt.I have tried Hyper-V,Vmwareworkstation,Microsoft virtual PC also but I belive this one is best for me.

These are free ,stable ,User-friendly ,well supported and I don’t have much word to explain.No one can deny power of open source.I believe ubantu and mint are the best linux distro for desktop. A lots of material of its characterstics is available on internet so I m not going to write  here any more. This is my first choice on desktop and I have used several time to boot up with live cd so that I can backup and reinstall OS  for those system where windows OS are not able to boot up even in safe mode

I have used this inbuilt tool in Microsoft office to recover corrupted mailbox . And I have been successful with this tool more than 95%.

10.Windows Sysinternals:
Sysinternals utilites help us to manage and troubleshoot our windows based desktop and contains advance utilities and tools.These can be obtain from.


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