Comaparision between Intel Dual Core and Core 2 Duo / Diffrence between intel core 2 duo and dual core processor

Both processor ( Intel dual core and C2D) contain two chips or two core processor on single chip.However core 2 duo is better then dual core. Core 2 Duo is the second line of dual core processors from Intel. All Core 2 Duo processors are dual core but not all dual core processors are Core 2 Duo
Some main diffrence are list below :
1.The biggest difference is cache memory .Dual core CPU hava a dedicated cache memory .However core2 duo have shared cache memory which result to high performance.
2.Daul core is available with maximum 2.5 GHz clock speed where as C2D is available with 3.3 Ghz (Max)
3. FSB on core2duo goes to 1600 MT/s(million transfers per sec., around 1300 MHz), whereas on dual core goes to 800 MHz
4.Dual core is limited to 2 MB  L2 cache only where as C2D can goes upto 6 MB,moreover C2D cpu can have L3 cache also