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I am System Administrato in New Delhi,India.I am freelancer IT Geek knows some programming skills in C,C++,JAva etc.From last 5 years a providing support over Microsoft Windows,Linux like Debian/GNU Linux,Redhat ,Ubantu ,ArchLinuxEtc.
Primarly i work on windows only and i love windows infact but its doesnt mean i hate to linux. I have tried varios linux Disto like Fedora,RHEL,Ubantu,kbanntu,open suse,Debian
Free BSD etc.
I have always supported linux and open source communties softwares.I have concentrated on linux more just because of its freedom.
Suppose i need an application full version ,being honnest in case if it is windows application then i need to search a non geniune cracked torrent link or either i have to pay some huge money.In trial and free ware there is always some restrictions.
but same in case of linux i have support a large community.I can get almost any software without any cost and any difficulty on linux
i cant force my users to switch to linux,moreover i cannt change thier attitude.So windows support is my job.

  I have written this blog to help all the aspirating students and proffesional working for Information Technolgy Sector.
Infact this blog is curux of my personal experience that i have learned in my proffesional carreer, results of a lots of googling,contribution & support of my friends in orkut,facebook or LinkedIn.
I belive that there is no ultimate limit of learning in IT.I touched my first computer in 2007 and from that date i have learned a lots of things,but still i think that i just learned like a drop in this big occean
Moreover, the present blog in not a perfect solution to all IT concern ,rather this is just an approch to my dear fellows. Learing in IT Sector is a spontaneous process which grows with the age & experience  and i have presented  the blog as a form of documentation in the process for desired people.
  However, it is not any claimation of 100% satisfaction to everyone from my side,but I can make sure that it will be helpfull to all of you.There may be some  errors in my articles and i would heartily appreciate if you correct me in case of error.

Please do provide your feedback and suggestion to me at

Thanking you

Satish Kr Malanch

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