Sunday, May 19, 2013

Configure Your Linux Server as Postfix Mailing gateway in step by Step

Set Up Postfix as Email server Step by step:
1 For this tutorial I have used following software:
I OS- Linux Cent OS 5.4
II. Fetch mail 6.3  to retrieve email from remote server
III Postfix 2.3.3  as MDA
IV Dovecot /IMAP
V Squirrelmail as webmail
VI MS Outlook as email clinet program

Step-I .Install Redhat Enterprise Linux or Centos then install above listed package as explained below
[root@satishmalanch ~]# yum install postfix

[root@satishmalanch ~]# yum install  fetchmail
[root@satishmalanch ~]# yum install dovecot

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