Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mobile Operating Systems

Cell phone use many kind of operating system .Operating system is software that provide interface between user and cell phone. Some cell phone use their own proprietor OS, where as other use some standard OS. Most of phone use java based OS. Nokia Use Symbian OS in its smart phones, Samsung use Bada  and others OS, Blackberry use Blackberry OS .Most of these OS are java based.
Nows days enterprise level OS are gaining popularity in business and entertainment based application. Google launch its own OS named as Android as universal mobile OS. It has been adopted by many cell manufacture like Samsung,Motorola ,Sony erriscon and many others.While Apple is also giving a tight completion with its iphone, blackberry is also a leading in business applications with blackberry OS.

You all have heard about Android Phone and even most of you are using also. Android is a derived from an open source operating system Linux. Open source software are those software whose code are made available for user for modification .Anyone is free make changes in source code of such programs. Initially Android  was design by a small company later on Google Inc purchase this company and keep developing android. It was released in Nov 2007.
Logo Android
Today most of Smart Phones ,PDA and Tablets are using android OS. According to software developers , In future plenty of device like washing machines, vehicle, traffic management system, Digital Control Panel for many devices  etc will run with android. Android was limited only up to mobile phones before version 2.0 (1.0,1.5,1.6). But after 2.0 version many tablets adopted Android.
Most Android phones, and some Android tablets, now use a 2.x release. Android 3.0 was a tablet-oriented release and does not officially run on mobile phones. The current Android version is 4.0
On 15 November 2011, Android reached 52.5% of the global Smartphone market share.(Source-Wiki-pedia)
Some of leading companies which launch Android driven  smart phones and Tablets are :Samsung, HTC, ACER ,LG,MOTOROLA, Sony Ericsson etc

Android Market is the online software store developed by Google for Android devices. An application program ("app") called "Market" is preinstalled on most Android devices and allows users to browse and download apps published by third-party developers, hosted on Android Market. As of October 2011 there were more than 300,000 apps available for Android, and the estimated number of applications downloaded from the Android Market as of December 2011 exceeded 10 billion.The operating system itself is installed on 130 million total devices.
Link to Android market is :


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